Ciel Cassel is a writer, reader and overall enthusiast of paranormal, fantasy and science fiction romances. His focus tends to be on trans gay male experiences, challenging both the concept of gender, the social construction of it, and the way it can interact in worlds different from our own.

Everlasting Work-in-Progress

As a writer, I focus on paranormal, science fiction and fantasy gay romances. The majority of my projects feature trans men and/or cis men in M/M relationships, as well as playing with what it means to be a man and subverting the concept of gender.

Critically Unorganised

As a reviewer, I focus my attention on writing programs, websites and tools. On occasion I may write a review or two on books, especially if I feel particularly pulled towards voicing my likes/dislikes, but detailed reviews will be few and far between.

Daydreaming Disaster

I adore the types of novels I write: paranormal, fantasy or science fiction M/M romance featuring trans men. Whether it’s a fully fleshed out novella, a not-so-perfect proof copy, or a rugged unpolished manuscript, I’ll read anything that fits into my insatiable passion.

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    • Ciel Cassel’s personal website, which he runs under the pseudonym Mac, features works-in-progress that have yet to be completed. Any works-in-progress on his personal website aren’t guaranteed to be completed, unlike those that are featured on this website.
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